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Avoid these common mistakes when exhibiting and see your engagement increase!

1. Not enough space in your booth.  When you inquire about booth space, always tape out the dimensions on your floor before coming down to the show to get an idea of how much room you have, and how you want to lay out the space so you are better prepared. 

2.  No goals/measurable results.  Set yourself a goal for the event, whether that's booking 10 appointments/consultations or handing out all your marketing materials with a conversation.  This will keep you accountable and driven.  

3.  Forgetting the "three second rule".  You only have 3 seconds to make an impression on a customer walking by.  That means your display has to be something that intrigues them, as well as you have to appear available to them.

4.  Bad Signage.  Don't make it a guessing game as to what your booth is offering.  If you have bad signage in your booth or hand written signs, you are advertising that you aren't professional or prepared enough (which no one wants for their wedding).  Plan your display out in advance and print things out professionally or from your printer and put them in a nice frame/display.   

5.  Booth design that acts as a barrier.  If you can't invite someone into your booth for a conversation, that means they are lingering in the aisle where they are going to get pushed around and more likely to keep walking.  Don't put a table right at the front of your booth, leave room for them step into your space and chat with you.

6.  Inexperienced staff.  You are at the show to sell/market your services.  If you have inexperienced staff at your booth, that's what you are advertising to your customer, that you are inexperienced.  Prepare your staff ahead of time to be able to answer questions and train them appropriately for the event.  

7.  Passing out literature instead of having a conversation.  If you want to just hand out literature, you should participate in the Bride Bag.  People can read about your company online, they come to the show to have a conversation and to be told why you are the right vendor for their big day. 

8.  Talking and not listening.  Let the customer ask their questions and listen to what they want.  If you are always sales pitching, you may miss important details to know if they are the right client for you or not.

9.  Sitting in the back of the booth.  You look disinterested and hard to approach, be sure to check in with your body language and be approachable.

10.  Eating, being on your phone, working on computer etc.  By being unavailable you miss the opportunity to talk with someone.  Be sure to have a team member there who can cover for you if you need to eat your lunch or take a call.  If you aren't present and available to chat, you are going to miss potential sales.

11.  No means of gathering contact info.  Be sure to have a method of capturing potential leads.  Yes, we send you the attendee list after the show, but some of these customers may not be in need of your service.  Ensure you are capturing the details of people who are interested in what you have to offer and give them an easy digital from to fill out.  Don't leave it up to them to contact you by just taking your card.

12.  Poor follow up or no follow up.  It's one thing to have access to the attendee list of your hot leads from the show, it's another thing to use them.  It's also another thing to rely solely on that list vs people that are specifically interested in your product or service.  Be sure to follow up with brides and customers within the days of the show so you are fresh in their minds.  Don't just do it once either, follow up with them again the month after to remind them!  Sort them by wedding date and create a system for yourself where you can follow up with them as their wedding date approaches as well.  Brides and Grooms have a lot going on before the wedding, they may need some reminding.