Color Street

Color Street
12218 Longs Peak Lane
Humble TX
Booth: 741


Company Description:

Color Street is a beauty brand that launched into the direct selling world in 2017 and in 6 short years has worked its way to the top in the industry. We offer 100% nail polish strips made in the USA that work on all nail types, apply with ease, and last longer than other products out there. We are spreading our wings into innovative cosmetics with clean products and collections that are made for your lips, cheeks, and even eyes, with our recent launch of mascara. We will soon be an international name as we have launched in to Canada, Germany, and the EU. Imagine avoiding the dry time of wet polish, or no smudging of your mascara with every application! Color Street offers the solutions you are looking for to simplify your beauty routine without sacrificing quality! I am an independent Stylist with Color Street. There are opportunities for starting a business of your own with Color Street as well.

New Products

We are known for our 100% polish strips. Customers will be excited to know we now offer clean cosmetics with our lip collections, cheek collections, and our revolutionary 24 hour wear, tri-flex mascara that lifts, lengthens, and volumizes your lashes


Five Year Exhibitor