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Bower & Bare

Bower & Bare
3709 Picnic Point Drive NW
Gig Harbor WA
Booth: 1300

Company Description:

Locally made in Gig Harbor, WA. Clean & natural home, bath & body products. Handcrafted by husband and wife duo, Mark & Clare.

Founded in 2022, Bower & Bare is a heartfelt venture dedicated to crafting exceptional Home, Bath & Body products that embody the essence of nature's goodness. Inspired by the fascinating courtship ritual of the Australian Satin Bowerbird, our brand celebrates the art of creating beautiful experiences.

Clare, an Australian native who found her way to the United States, embarked on a transformative journey alongside her husband Mark Geist. Their nomadic one-year sabbatical soon became a profound realization of their love for nature, particularly the majestic Pacific Northwest. Seeking balance and cherishing family values, they now reside in Wollochet Bay, pouring their hearts into Bower & Bare.

At Bower & Bare, we believe in the power of natural and clean products to nourish not just the body but also the soul. Our extensive research ensures that each creation is phthalate and paraben-free, surpassing Prop 65 requirements and maintaining impressively low VOC levels. We are committed to producing products that we love, trusting that you'll love them too.

Under Clare's skilled craftsmanship, we offer an exquisite range of Home, Bath & Body products designed to delight the senses, uplift spirits, and rejuvenate the mind. Meanwhile, Mark has taken the lead in adding wax products, including candles and melts, to our repertoire, adding another dimension to the enchanting world of Bower & Bare.

As you peruse our offerings, you'll discover a symphony of scents and experiences, carefully curated to bring the best of nature's bounty to your daily rituals. From calming bath essentials to invigorating room fragrances, each product reflects our passion for a modest, balanced lifestyle—one that embraces family, wanderlust, and a brighter future.

We invite you to experience the wonder of Bower & Bare and embrace the natural treasures we have lovingly prepared for you. Join us on this beautiful journey of self-care, where indulgence meets conscience, and every moment is a celebration of life's simple pleasures.

Welcome to Bower & Bare—where nature's embrace awaits you.

Show Specials:

Self-care bundle $35 (value >$50); includes candle, soap, shower steamers, lip balm and more.

New Products

We're launching a brand new line of candles at the Show. Bower & Bare "Rekindled" with reusable and/or reclaimed vessels.

Certifications & Awards

Local Makers Gig Harbor Leadership

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