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Company Description:

Tranzact Card - Banking, but with a Positive Social Impact!

The TranzactCard doubles your purchasing power without requiring an increase in income. Our online marketplace serves everyone by making everyday products and services much more affordable.

Our Card
TranzactCard is accepted everywhere Visa is accepted. Every purchase automatically triggers a corresponding digital credit (Z-Buck), dollar for dollar, for redemption in TranzactCard’s Z-Club, which opens a portal to doubling the buying power and building the savings of every card holder.

Card Benefits
Change your world, one swipe at a time.
TranzactCard is helping members steadily build financial momentum without restructuring the household budget.

Ours is a private secure banking system that gives you more. TranzactCard works with banking fee structures and manufacturer distribution systems to re-arrange profits and pricing, making products and services more affordable. Complex? Sure, but not for the consumer. For you, it’s simply unique, amazing and powerful.

TranzactCard is a member-based community that propels individuals and families forward in a financially significant way. As you use TranzactCard, our community grows and financial momentum (Finmo) builds for every member.

Now, banking changes forever!
In a world where most banks prioritize shareholder profits, TranzactCard stands apart by putting its members first. Join now and be part of the change.

Zbucks - More powerful rewards. For every dollar you spend with your TranzactCard bank card, you will receive a matching Z-Buck. These powerful rewards double your buying power in TranzactCard’s online Marketplace – the Z-Club.

Z-Club - Your New Online Marketplace
Each Z-Buck is worth one US Dollar in the Z-Club. Redeem Z-Bucks to buy down the retail price of everyday products, services, and travel packages. Take advantage of exciting flash sales that can only be purchased using Z-Bucks. Earn even more Z-Bucks on qualified purchases.

Become a member and you’ll agree, the TranzactCard ecosystem is a positive social impact approach to banking.

Show Specials:

TranzactCard Membership $25 one-time* Drawing for 60/$25 Visa cards to pay for your membership! Sign up for your card before the show starts and your name goes in a separate drawing for 10/$25 Visa cards!

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